I believe in challenging both the mind and the body with mindfulness and compassion. Our bodies were made to move and flow and within our movement we find a deeper connection to our bodies.

For most of us, the core is the weakest part of our bodies, but it’s our center, where all our strength originates. When it’s weak, the entire body is weak; build core strength and long, lean muscles.  When you build the body, you instantly build the mind.

Centering ourselves is a way of coming to terms with all the different energies within us and drawing them back into ourselves. Centering means that you are working from or being aware of the core of your being in the solar plexus area of your body.

Fit2Glow Pilates is a holistic movement programme, staying true to the classical foundational principles; delivering a fusion of Pilates and yoga inspired postures. The sessions will leave you toned, strong and supple.

Fit2Glow Pilates holistic approach focuses on connecting with your breath & spirit whilst working from the centre of your being; your core.

By concentrating on movements that build strength from the inside, will enhance posture and presence as well as coordination and awareness. The moves can be gently restorative or very dynamic. Fit2Flow Pilates is a safe, controlled, non-impact, non-cardiovascular series of moves. It combines mobility, strength and flexibility. It works on posture, balance and stability using the bodies own ‘inner corset type’ strength.  Fit2Glow Pilates can help improve joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension.

Fit2Glow Pilates is a hands-on class to assist you and will arm you with techniques for life. I offer 1-2-1 private sessions, small groups of all ages and abilities.  I also work with children from the age of 7 years old.   Exercises can be modified as and when necessary. The class is designed around exercises that are achievable and safe even for those who are new to Pilates. The exercises also challenge your abilities and offer you the classic pairing of strength and flexibility that is intrinsically linked to the Pilates philosophy.

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