Zumba / Dance


Imagine the most enjoyable workout/class you ever took and times it by 10!! That should give you a mild flavour of what the fabulous Angee delivers in every one of her classes. She exudes an incredible and unstoppable energy together with a fun factor that are both unique and incomparable to other people and instructors. Regardless of your fitness level, Angee will cater to you, both in terms of style, approach and level of difficulty. She takes pride in her work and ensures her class and clientele always leave both sweaty and satisfied!! A true gem of an instructor and individual!!quoteb


Thank you for bringing so much beauty into my life angee :) Angee is my inspiration how the art creativity and a joy of dance can harmonize together. Her individual approach to my physical abilities and inside motivation allowed me to find the energy and happiness which took my workout onto another level. That's what had happen to me when i experienced Angee's classes. Sometimes split second will allow you to take the bravest decision in your life. How many times i have asked myself: "if not now then when? If not me then who?"quoteb


Angee's massive smile and boundless energy makes every class fly by. She makes sure you work out hard but that you're having fun too and her funky choice of tunes only adds to the atmosphere in her classes. If you want the friendly face of fitness then try one of Angee's classes.quoteb


Exercise feels like theraphy with Angee.  I feel more confident and I have lost weight and solved my 2 left feet issue.quoteb


As a one on one trainer she couldn’t be better, really making the effort to understand why you are doing this and what you want from it. Then tailoring your needs accordingly. It doesn’t get better than this!Angee is not only an extremely energetic and encouraging trainer, but your friend too.quoteb


Angee is full of energy and enthusiasm, always makes me feel relaxed around new people.  But I always get a great workout without even realising it, I’ve never known exercising to be so much fun!quoteb


I love Angee’s zumba class, what an amazing instructor.  My co-ordination has never been the greatest but now I feel I’ve achieved so much  by simply rocking up to Angees classes.  Way to go girl.quoteb


It takes a lot for me to cancel my dance with Angee.  All I can say she is in an inspiration, no one can motivate me better that she does.  Zumba has shaped my confidence and of course I have lost weight, which makes me happy.quoteb


‘I love Angee’s Zumba class, it is the highlight of my week! She is an amazing instructor, super music and she is exceptionally good at teaching dance moves (considering I have two left feet!) I cannot imagine there is a more fun class than Angee’s and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get fit whilst having fun’quoteb


I always look forward to Classes with Angee,  without a doubt a fun but gruelling experience :0)’‘Totally love your classes, Step being my favourite!! Your always so enthusiastic which is turn makes you feel welcome into your class and ready for a good workout even if your not feeling in the mood to start with :0) The class always gives me a great workout consisting of cardio and toning (always aching the next day) and makes me glow (not sweat as you always say) a lot….quoteb


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