Exercise instruction for care & nursing homes



My aim is to bring “an hour of fun, laughter and joy” to residents of care & nursing homes.

The focus is to be able to transform the quality of life of older people everywhere through fun, inclusive health and wellness programmes built around exercise and meaningful activities.

Activities include  Zumba Gold, Chairobics.  It’s incredible how such activities revolutionise  how people in care homes, including those with dementia, participate in physical activity to improve mental alertness and physical health.

As we get older, it becomes even more important to remain active if we want to stay healthy and maintain our independence.

The ideal elderly exercise program consists of three components: aerobic exercise, strength training, and balance and flexibility. Almost all elders can benefit from some form of exercise and physical activity. Performing gentle sitting exercises will help improve their mobility and prevent falls. 

Chair exercises effectively assist elderly individuals to exercise and move without putting undo pressure or strain on their bodies. Movement works to lubricate joints and keep them flexible, strengthen and stabilise individual muscles and increase blood circulation. These exercise and movement outcomes result in an increased ability to better accomplish day-to-day physical activities.

I am committed and passionate about improving the health and quality of life of older people.

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