Angee is one of the incredible  fitness instructors that I’ve had the pleasure to meet. She makes everyone in the room felt special. Angee is an inspiring messenger;absolute joy.  Her Bellyfit® Classes are awesome.  I always leave the class feeling energised.quoteb


Bellyfit® is such a beautiful holistic movement  and I love it.
Angee's class is mindfully crafted to prepare the body for a beautiful journey of movement and energy.  I feel emotionally energised and spiritually released.
Such an amazing class and an  even more amazing Instructor.quoteb


Each movement in Angee's Bellyfit® Class  is synchronised with breath, and each movement flows into the next, making the practice feel like a continuous dance of movement.  The music is outstanding and gets you moving and connecting to your own rhythm, which i didn't even know I had.  Such a discovery thanks to Angee. quoteb


Angee's Bellyfit® class is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach which embodies the combination of dance, yoga and Pilates.  I've never known a holistic dance system quite like it.  It's unique just like Angee's teaching.  She's a goddess. I feel inspired and awakened.  Such joy.quoteb


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