Pilates & Yogalates


I was unsure about starting Pilates because I didn’t know what to expect. However, Angee put me at ease and took me through the initial exercises with lots of care and attention. She took the time to answer all my questions so I left feeling really confident and feeling good about myself.


Pilates was recommended to me by my physiotherapist to help manage a lower back injury I had.  Angee has made a huge difference to my health and physical confidence by simply sharing her knowledge and caring advice.  I have become strong, flexible and loving the difference in  my posture and alignment.


I have always had back problems, even when growing up, but in the last few years the pain had become unbearable. Since working with Angee I now practice Pilates every day and the difference to my posture and the reduction of pain is incredible ’quoteb


Having discovered Pilates with Angee over the last couple of years my posture has really improved. It has freed my lower back from the discomfort that I used to suffer from.  Angee has the ability to make me feel relaxed and focused.  This has made a big difference in my life and helped with anxiety issues which often plague me at times.quoteb


Angee is an instructor who shares her knowledge with a dynamic and creative style of teaching. The depth of her knowledge and experience really shine through in her teaching.  She fully embraces her teaching practice which is delivered clearly and concisely.quoteb


I cannot recommend angee  enough as a Pilates instructor. I have been going to angees classes for around 2 years and have seen my core strength, stability and posture improve a great deal. I also find Pilates incredibly helpful in reducing aches from sitting at a desk all day at work. Angee is an absolute joy.quoteb


I was a total beginner when I first went to one of Angee's Yogalates, I was not  quite sure what to expect.  Angee explains everything clearly, calmly and shows you what to do, she also layers the movements, so you work at a level that’s right for you. Her positivity and centred nature rubs of on the class, leaving with a real sense of well being. I feel my confidence, strength and stability grow as each week goes by.quoteb


I’m lucky enough do one-to-two Yogalates  lessons with Angee which I absolutely love!  She’s so encouraging and patient.  My confidence has really grown. My core strength has improved as well as my posture.  I’ve also learnt stretches and movements that I can use in my every day life.  Angee is a godsend.quoteb


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