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I am a qualified, experienced Fitness Instructor and CRB checked as well as first aid trained and insured.  I work with Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Nurseries whether for workshops or regular clubs. Classes are fun and energetic and schools are given the opportunity to take part in outside shows and competitions.  Offering tailor-made sessions to suit your organisation include :

Dance clubs; inclusive of Zumba / Yogalates / GetFit2Funk.

Dance workshops during school hours.

Workshops and classes for staff.

The sessions consist of an energising warm up, a short dance routine adapted to suit the ability of the group and a relaxing cool down stretches which will relax the minds and bodies of your children. Classes are usually 40-60 minutes.

After School Club.

FIT2GLOW provides high quality, fun and engaging dance classes, which can offer many benefits to your school and pupils:

After School Zumba 

Zumba clubs are the perfect opportunity for children to learn fun zumba routines.  Classes are extremely fun and a great way for children to keep fit. A small presentation is usually the main aim which gives the children a focus and enables parents, teachers and friends to see what has been learnt and the new skills they have acquired.  The children  participate in various dance styles where they will repeat movement and actions that will increase controlled coordination. The children will explore different ideas and stimuli.

After School Yogalates 

Yogalates can be very practical in schools because it improves academic performance. Children learn to focus in yogalates and this skill translates to academic work. Also, if they learn how to self-regulate, i.e. work with their own emotions and thoughts to calm themselves down, they have coping skills for test-taking and school stress.  Yogalates Combats the sedentary school day. Despite breaks and some gym time, children are pretty sedentary all day. They work to control their energy to stay seated and focused in desk chairs all day. It is helpful to move, stretch, breathe and balance. Childhood obesity, ADHD, and lots of other children health concerns can be addressed by getting them moving more regularly, and yogalates is a non-competitive and inexpensive way to move. It increases flexibility and strength and can even help with cardiovascular health.

Yogalates  teaches children  to get along with themselves and others; helping with behavioural problems in schools before they start. Why? Yogalates is all about relationships with yourself and the world around you. And what skill is more useful for a child.  Children learn how to make themselves feel better no matter what their outside situations are. They learn to develop inner strength.

My sessions encourage body and spatial awareness and every component of fitness; particularly flexibility, posture, agility,  The dance classes encourage role play, the use of imagination and musicality. All of these contribute to the development of creativity.  Participants are encouraged to ‘think outside the box’.

The classes are a great way of encouraging social awareness and exploring diversity.  Constant guidance and advice is given. The young people can also watch, observe and evaluate themselves and others in order to improve and control the skills they will learn.

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