Yogatates fuses the practices of Yoga and Pilates.  It has steadily gained popularity and an International reputation as being a system which makes the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates easily accessible to anyone.

Yogalates is described as a meeting place of east and west because it effectively merges the ancient practice of Yoga from the east with the core stabilising, posture enhancing dynamics of Pilates from the west.

The heart of each approach is the emphasis of creating union with oneself. Yoga can enhance strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and mental clarity. Through developing a conscious awareness of the body, mind, breath and life force (prana) it has the ability to be deeply relaxing and health enhancing.

Pilates creates a very safe and strong foundation for movement.

A regular Yogalates session will include exercises and poses (asana) to cultivate strength, stamina, stability and flexibility with particular attention paid to building tone in the deeper postural “core” muscles. These protect the spine against injury, support the internal organs and foster pelvic and spinal awareness to promote good posture. Equipment such as blocks, resistance bands (which replicate the resistance training of the Pilates machines), weights, toning balls may also be used to further enhance strength and balance.

Yogalates can also be seen as a holistic approach, which aims to bring about balance and unity in body, mind and spirit.  It is suitable for all ages and is a very safe and accessible method making it ideal for sufferers of back pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis and is particularly beneficial for postnatal women. As an exercise modality it is excellent for developing general tone and fitness, while also encouraging a connection with self to soothe the nervous system, release stress, aid relaxation and instil inner calm and overall wellbeing.

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